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7 junio, 2019

Mitsubishi Motors VR

A photography from the Showroom VR Campaign.

We built a virtual reality simulation for Mitsubishi Motors, where we had the possibility to choose 8 real scale models with the possibility of selecting wide range of colors, type of tires. Enabling to open doors, hood and trunk.
A great way to know a car without having the whole fleet in the salon.

Never done before in the automotive industry of Colombia.

Look inside

Showroom VR Mitsubishi Motors

Automotive sector
Client: Mitsubishi Motors
Impact: Never done before interactive 3D model of a car with high quality render, high satisfaction to clients feeling they are inside. Indistinguishable differences with real car.

Te invitamos al centro de experiencia Mitsubishi Motors en el Centro Comercial Gran Estación. ¡Te esperamos para que vivas una experiencia de realidad virtual!

Posted by Mitsubishi Motors Colombia on Friday, March 15, 2019